The Leonberger dog is a giant dog breed, with its name derived from Leonberg City in Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany. Legend has it that the Leonberger dog was apparently bred as a symbolic dog resembling the lion depicted in the town crest. It is a mountain dog comes with a double coat, making it a larger, muscular and elegant dog with a balanced body type and a dramatic presence.

Males grow as large as 28 to 31.5 inches, while females would measure around 25.5 to 29.5 inches. As for the weight, males would go as heavy as 120 to 170 pounds, and the females around 100 to 135 pounds. With a rectangular build, the Leonberger dog is well-balanced in terms of its form and function.

The gender of the Leonberger dog can be easily distinguished, as it possess either a strong masculine or graceful feminine form, which is why it's considered as a dimorphic breed. With the right kind of training and socialization, this dog can be watchful, self-reliant and dependable. Its adaptability, obedience, intelligence and other good qualities make it an appropriate pet.

The Leonberger dog is notable for its fur-shedding trait. So as part of its maintenance, a good brushing each week is enough to keep it in fine shape. The use of a drag comb (which resembles a small rake) is quite effective when it comes to grooming the dog, especially in its undercoat.

The Leonberger dog has an intermediate lifespan of about seven years, which is around four years lesser as compared to that of an average purebred dog. They are, in general, strong and healthy dogs, though at times they either develop or inherit some forms of diseases ranging from mild to deadly ones.